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Welcome to Day Trading Trek!

This website will detail my journey to financial independence through day trading.  My name is Ken and I live in Southern California.  I’m a biochemist at my day job and I’ve been involved in the stock and futures markets since 2001.  I’ve developed a strong passion for day trading and I hope to speed up my path to financial independence using this potentially lucrative tool.

Follow me on this exciting journey to financial independence!

What exactly do I mean by financial independence?  I want my assets to generate income that is greater than my expenses.  This income will come from dividend stocks, rental properties, and various other investments.

The next obvious question is how do I obtain these assets?  My wife and I both have well-paying jobs and we have already begun accumulating assets.  We own a home, contribute to 401k’s and have other small investment portfolios.  At our current savings and contributions rate we might be able to retire at age 55, but this is not acceptable to me.

It’s not that I hate my job, I just have many things I would rather be doing.  And this is where day trading comes in.  Being on the west coast, I can trade in the mornings to supplement my income.  This would allow me to rapidly pay off debt, increase my savings and investing activities, and achieve financial independence much earlier.

I have done all types of investing – futures trading, options trading, swing trading, and dividend growth investing.  I’ve dabbled in day trading a few times with some success but I never gave it the time and commitment it required.  That has changed completely.

Beginning in September 2015 I completely immersed myself in day trading.  I’ve read books, studied charts and most importantly I have been paper trading religiously.  So far I have been quite successful.  Whether or not this will translate into real money remains to be seen, but my success has prompted me to pursue day trading as a potential full-time job.

I know this endeavor will not be easy.  I’ve read the warnings and I’ve heard all of the horror stories.  My plan is to take it slow and safe with high probability setups and strict risk management.  I am confident that if I follow my motto – “Stick To Your Plan, Stupid!” – I will be successful.

I have outlined my goals and the steps that will take me from account setup all the way to financial independence and I’m eager to begin. Most importantly, I will use my trading journal on this site to organize all of my trades, my thoughts, lessons learned and my progress towards achieving these goals.